Using Video in the Sales Process: A Guide for Experts

Learn how experts use video in their sales process from initial promotion to closing deals with this guide.

Using Video in the Sales Process: A Guide for Experts

As sales teams rush to add videos to their sales processes, they have seen a 135% year-on-year increase in the number of videos shared. And the results are promising - when used effectively, sales videos can prepare potential customers for sales, build trust, prompt action, and save sales staff time. To get the most out of your investment, it's important to identify where to add video throughout the sales process. Reps who call potential customers when they're watching half of a video and are already looking into the face of sales reps have much higher connection rates.

In addition, you can modify elements such as the introduction, the ending, the brand logo, the colors, the fonts of the subtitles and much more to make the video match your brand. Sharing resources such as videos, calculators, white papers or articles is a great way to educate potential customers during the sales process, and a quick video to explain these resources and why you share them can increase engagement. Auditing your processes will reveal information gaps, as well as opportunities to send clearer messages. For example, you might find that a disqualifying question is already integrated into step 4 of your process.

By taking that question to an earlier stage, you can eliminate potential customers who aren't there from the start, saving your team hours.When used correctly, video can solve the biggest problems in your sales processes. How? Nine times out of 10, you'll find that video solves most of your sales problems in one way - by providing the content that potential customers need to stay interested in your product or service. According to Wyzowl, 94% of video marketers say that video has helped users to better understand their product or service.In the prospecting phase, you can create individual prospecting videos or individual prospecting videos. Unless your prospecting strategy is a real numbers game, we recommend that you make videos that are as personal as possible right now.

This is a great opportunity to reward your potential customer with a free tutorial or advice. Just remember to present a clear call to action so that the potential customer knows what to do next.Videos can play an essential role at every stage of the sales process, from initial promotion to closing the deal. You can even use it in your social media sales efforts. The sales videos you use at this stage should be such that they add value or establish a link with the potential customer on a deeper level.

This type of video is ideal for explaining complex topics, such as a product demonstration or for solving a customer problem.In most cases, the sales team's most frequent complaints will indicate the perfect place to start using the video. Whether you're using text or videos to sell, no content format can help you if your message is irrelevant.When watching the video, the potential customer should feel that you've done your research and that the video is specifically designed for them. And don't forget that Piktochart Video allows you to create very attractive sales videos for you and your sales team in the blink of an eye.If you're producing blurry videos in dark corridors, your sales videos probably won't come to fruition.So it's time to use video for the rest of the sales cycle to get them to cross the dotted line. With careful planning and execution, you can use video throughout your entire sales process - from setting an agenda for meetings and sharing success stories to thanking and recognizing customers - and reap all its benefits.