How Video Increases Engagement: 16 Tips for Marketers

Videos are an effective tool for connecting with your target audience and arousing an emotion that will push them to take action. Here are 16 tips to maximize your videos' engagement.

How Video Increases Engagement: 16 Tips for Marketers

Videos are a powerful tool for connecting with your target audience and arousing an emotion that will push them to take action. According to a HubSpot report, 81% of viewers are more likely to take action in favor of a brand after watching a video. To maximize the engagement of your videos, here are 16 tips to follow. Videos get much more views and engagement than simple photo posts on social networks. In fact, videos on social networks are shared 1200% more than text and image content combined.

In addition, viewers retain 95% of a message when they see it in a video, compared to 10% when they read it in text. This number represents 100% participation (everyone who watched the video watched the full video). To find out, we asked more than 25 marketers to share the tactics they've used to increase their average video engagement. While some reported video engagement rates of up to 80% or more, others reported rates as low as 1 to 10%.

Not all brands have the budget and manpower needed to be leaders in video content on all digital platforms, but any company can choose at least one channel (from social media to email marketing) and increase its audience by sharing videos consistently. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are the most effective channels for video marketing. According to the popular Forrester de McQuivey study, “How video will take over the world”, a video is worth exactly 1.8 million words. For this reason, one of the best types of video content you can use is a behind-the-scenes video that reveals your company's culture.

Brands can create creative videos that capture the senses and, therefore, offer a more immersive experience that people tend to prefer. They are the most effective at attracting users and have the highest brand recall value, if done right. Their video campaign “The Epic Split” showed the features of Volvo with such elegance that you will surely end up watching the video again. Creating original and authentic video content and embedding videos in your blog posts will help increase the overall engagement of your posts.

The most effective way for brands to take advantage of videos is to first develop a strategy and then maintain it for the long term (and, at the same time, make intelligent adjustments when necessary). For B2B marketers, here's a stellar SaaS content marketing playbook from companies like HubSpot and Microsoft. That's why, for our latest survey, we set out to determine which aspects of a video have the greatest impact on viewer engagement. One of those ways is with video content, which is everywhere and there is a high demand from consumers of many brands and companies. The average participation in videos is a measure that helps you understand what percentage of your videos users spend watching.

This just shows how important the role of video is in terms of the decision-making process and the sales funnel itself. One of the most effective channels for video marketing is the home page of a company, since it is usually one of the first points of interaction that a consumer has with a brand. Video marketing offers a unique opportunity for brands to inspire engagement by telling their story to consumers.