Why Video is So Effective in Digital Marketing

Video content is an effective tool for helping potential buyers learn about a product or service and can offer a huge return on investment (ROI) across many channels. Learn why video marketing is so effective.

Why Video is So Effective in Digital Marketing

Consumers love video content because it's easy to digest, entertaining and engaging. Marketers also appreciate it because it can offer a huge return on investment (ROI) across many channels. Video is also highly accessible to anyone with Internet access, both to watch and to produce. It's a great tool for helping potential buyers learn about a product or service, as 94 percent of marketers say that using video content has increased users' understanding of their offerings.Video marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote people online.

Investing in video views is an excellent way to get your brand exposed to the maximum for your investment. At our company, there's no doubt that the most cost-effective way to reach our potential customers on social networks is through video viewing campaigns. Additionally, since Google owns YouTube, videos have become increasingly important when it comes to search engine rankings.In fact, if you place a video on the landing page of your site, you're 53% more likely to rank on the first page of Google. This points to the fact that mobile video is taking on a central role in influencing and improving the sales process.

Video ads help consumers understand your product or service easily, allowing you to find new customers and increase sales while also boosting overall consumer satisfaction.To get the most out of live video, make sure to maintain the same production values for live video as for prerecorded videos. You can use live video to promote a new blog post, engage with your audience, or even take viewers to a landing page with Pinterest videos. It's also a good idea to upload videos directly to Facebook, since its algorithm takes into account the user's previous actions related to the videos when determining which videos to show them on subsequent visits.The top priority for marketers is generating leads, and 86% of marketers say that video is effective for generating leads. When you post on social media, the content of your video competes with a lot of information on the screen.

That's why it's important to use video - not only because everyone does it, but because it's one of the most versatile and cost-effective digital marketing tools available.When you search for the terms “How to edit videos” on the iPhone, Google shows three videos below the highlighted fragment and the “People also ask” section, but above the usual search results. This preference for video is one of the most important driving forces behind its use in content marketing.Now that you've planned your video marketing strategy, it's time to start creating your first video. Demonstration videos or product videos are short, educational clips that explain how your product or service works. Before you dive into production, you should define your video goals and find the best metrics that will help you understand if you've achieved those goals.

Video experts tend to attribute 24 fps to a more cinematic aspect, while 30 fps is more common, especially for videos that need to be projected or broadcast on a larger screen.While video ads can be a great tool for promoting your content, the number of ads from other advertisers on the platform can diminish viewers' experience. Animated videos can be an excellent format for difficult-to-understand concepts that require sharp images or for explaining an abstract service or product.This preference for video is reflected in WyzOwl statistics, which show that 87 percent of companies use video as a marketing tool. An advantage for marketers behind paid video viewing campaigns is the fact that Facebook offers the ability to redirect exact viewers of the video based on how long each user watched the video content.