4 Types of Sales Videos to Increase Your Conversions

Learn about four types of sales videos that every sales representative should have in their toolbox, including pre-meeting reminder videos, screen-sharing recordings, demonstration videos, and 80% videos.

4 Types of Sales Videos to Increase Your Conversions

Video content marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to promote their products and services. It is an effective way to increase sales and conversions, as most Internet users are more likely to engage with video content than other types of content marketing. There are four main types of sales videos that every sales representative should have in their toolbox. The pre-meeting reminder video is a great way to start the relationship with potential customers.

It can be as simple as pressing the record button on your webcam and sending a quick message before the meeting. This type of video helps familiarize potential customers with your voice and face, and it has been shown to increase their attention and memory. Accessories can be used to add an element of personalization or capture the viewer's attention. Screen-sharing recordings are ideal for explaining why you are reaching out to a potential customer, or for exploring their website and highlighting areas where you can help.

You can also use demonstration videos to explain a particular feature or benefit to potential customers, which can help convince unsure potential customers to commit to making a longer call or eliminate the need for multiple live demos. Video playlists are collections of videos that can be used to save time. You can create a playlist of videos you have recorded yourself, or select from existing marketing videos. Consider recording and adding a personalized introduction video to the playlist, which could include explanatory videos, micro-demonstrations, or customer testimonials.

The 80% video is designed to answer the four or six main questions that sales representatives are asked eighty percent of the time. This type of video can be used as a pre-discovery tool, and it can be easily shared with other stakeholders in the organization. When recording an 80% video, make sure that the audio and light quality are good, and position yourself at the beginning of the video so that the play button does not fall directly on your face. Consider using an animated GIF thumbnail to make your video stand out.