How to Increase Engagement Through Video Marketing

Learn how to increase engagement through video marketing with tips & strategies from experts like HubSpot & Microsoft. Get started today!

How to Increase Engagement Through Video Marketing

For B2B marketers, there is a great SaaS content marketing playbook from companies like HubSpot and Microsoft. Each social network has its own features that can be used to increase the viewing rate. For example, Facebook allows up to 63,206 characters, while Twitter only allows 280 characters. Spectrum Boulevard, Chandler, AZ 85286, 1 (86 800-0004).

Elizabeth Kressel, founder and executive director of Lizard Strategy, an e-commerce and live shopping agency, suggests dedicating areas of your website to storing clips and full replays while using shorter video formats for emails and social networks. An effective video engagement should result in tangible marketing outcomes such as more website traffic, customer contact information, or more sales. People are spending more time in front of their laptops or mobile devices and 80 percent take into account video content when researching a potential purchase. Videos can show customers the incredible things that other people are doing with the product and encourage them to create their own experiences.

Oreo's videos are enough to make anyone's mouth water and, more importantly, hit the “share” button. Whether you're creating videos specifically for marketing purposes or if you have video recordings of presentations, talks, or a live stream, all of that content can be reused for marketing purposes. Facebook's video ranking considers if someone has watched a video and for how long they've watched it when it's a native video. Use videos to immerse your audience in the experience of your brand's mission, values, or origin.

Videos are more consumed than ever and are effective for YouTube, Instagram videos, Tik Tok videos or Facebook stories. Tools like RendrFX can help you start creating videos for social networks, websites, blogs, and much more. Quintly found that native Facebook videos had a 477 percent higher engagement rate compared to videos on YouTube. Preferred Audience uses interest tags to prioritize page posts in the news section for each unique viewer based on the topics that are most likely to attract their attention.

65% of people who watch the first three seconds of a Facebook video will watch it for at least 10 seconds and 45 percent will watch it for 30 seconds.